Fabric designed and shades made by me. 

Inspired by places I love to roam, my photography is typically of nature, architecture and anything that captures my imagination, which is the first part of the journey into creating these locational fabrics.

At first glance, within each design, you may only see a repeating pattern of kaleidoscopic shapes, of intricate detail and colour.  But, it’s not so obvious to what you are looking at, until you look closer.

I view my lampshades as works of art, each lending a story, which frames, not just a lamp base or a ceiling, but becomes a feature in your home to sit back and enjoy.

Weaving much of my photography into places we hold dear to us, making the fabric design, truly unique.

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Ben Nevis, in Autumn

Ben Nevis in Autumn Golden fields and Snow-capped mountain, blended into one.

Maple Tree & Abingdon Sailing Club

The sunrise behind the Abingdon Sailing Club, combined with an Autumnal Maple tree on Stert St.

Ice Cream & Whitstable Oyster Shell

An ice-cream sat inside a Whitstable Oyster shell! Who would have thunk it? Make mine a 99!

Brighton Bohemian Promenade

This is one of my favourite places in the world, Brighton. The Promenade made into a bohemian style.

Ben Nevis in Autumn, Golden and Copper Fields at the base Ben Nevis, in Autumn
Ben Nevis Cloud inversion at the top Ben Nevis, in Autumn
Photography of an Oyster Shell, Whistable Beach Ice Cream & Whitstable Oyster Shell
Illustration of an Ice Cream Ice Cream & Whitstable Oyster Shell
About me
About me

Heidi Parker

Fabric Design.Photography.Illustration

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I would be truly honoured, if you feel that one of my lampshades would do nicely in your home.

Cushion covers (envelope style) can be made available in any of my designs, size dependent - so ping me an email to find out more.

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All fabric and components are sourced and supplied from manufacturers also based in the UK.


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