Maple Tree & Abingdon Sailing Club

Autumnal Maple Tree, Stert Street and Sunrise behind Abingdon Sailing Club

At the back of town centre on Stert Street, I spotted this beautiful autumnal Maple tree.  The most amazing thing about it was the blueish/purple leaves against the turning reds and oranges. The Sailing Club and an early morning river mist and sun, both rise, creating an atmospheric and beautiful effect to its surroundings and soft silhouettes of the sail boats.
Abingdon Marina & St Mary's

Twisted Tree in Abingdon Marina and staircase in St Mary's, High St., Oxford

The twisted tree root was photographed in a woodland area, whilst on a walk around the Abingdon Marina.  The staircase of St.Mary's, I loved the neon blue light shining through the arrow-slits.

Maple Tree & Abingdon Sailing Club

The sunrise behind the Abingdon Sailing Club, combined with an Autumnal Maple tree on Stert St.

Abingdon Marina & St Mary's, Oxford

Twinning of two neighbouring places - Abingdon & Oxford. A twisted tree root and church staircase.

The Bodleian & Nuffield College

Two photographic images intertwined of The Bodleian Library and the Nuffield College in Oxford.

Whitstable Beach, Boats & Breakers

Two images combined, of the breakers on Whitstable beach & sailing boats.